An Ultimate Guide to Australian Lotteries


An Ultimate Guide to Australian Lotteries


Let's face it, we Aussies love to play the lottery – that's why we have one almost every day of the week! Except for Fridays and Sundays, Australian players have the chance to win a large jackpot – so let's take a look at each lottery in detail and learn more about their rules, odds and, most important of all, the jackpots!


From the first Grand Lottery back at the turn of the 19th century, right through to 2012's record Oz Lotto jackpot of just under $112 million, Australian lotteries have enjoyed a fascinating history and jackpots that have captivated players for decades.


Of The Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto games were launched in the 70s. Today, in terms of rules, the Monday/Wednesday and Saturday Lottos are identical, only the Saturday Lotto offers higher jackpots. The nomenclature varies from state to state, however – with the games branded as TattsLotto in Victoria, ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania, X Lotto in South Australia, Gold Lotto in Queensland and are simply referred to as the Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto in Western Australia and New South Wales.


In 1994 the Oz Lotto was launched offering Australia's biggest jackpots, followed by the Australian Powerball Lotto in 1996.







On Mondays


Monday Lotto - The First Lottery of the Week

Official Names: Monday Lotto, Monday X Lotto (SA), Monday Gold Lotto (QLD), Monday Tattslotto

Draw Day: Monday

Draw Time: 8.30pm AEST / 9.30pm AEDT

Game Rules: 6/45 + 2

Jackpot: $1 Million

Jackpot Odds: 1 : 8,145,060

Prize Divisions: 6



On Tuesday


Oz Lotto - The Biggest Australian Lottery Jackpots

Official Names: Oz Lotto

Draw Day: Tuesday

Draw Time: 8.30pm AEST / 9.30pm AEDT

Game Rules: 7/45 + 2

Minimum Jackpot: $2 Million

Record Jackpot: $112 Million (2012)

Jackpot Odds: 1 : 45,379,620

Prize Divisions: 7



On Wednesday


Wednesday Lotto - The Mid-Week Lottery

Official Names: Wednesday Lotto, Wednesday X Lotto (SA), Wednesday Gold Lotto (QLD), Wednesday Tattslotto

Draw Day: Wednesday

Draw Time: 8.30pm AEST / 9.30pm AEDT

Game Rules: 6/45 + 2

Jackpot: $1 Million

Jackpot Odds: 1 : 8,145,060

Prize Divisions: 6



On Thursday


Australian Powerball - The Power to Change Your Life

Official Names: Powerball

Draw Day: Thursday

Draw Time: 8.30pm AEST

Game Rules: 6/40 + 2/20

Jackpot: $3 Million

Record Jackpot: $80 Million (2009)

Jackpot Odds: 1:76,767,600

Prize Divisions: 8



On Saturday


Saturday Tattsotto - The Most Popular Australian Lottery

Official Names: Saturday Lotto, Saturday X Lotto (SA), Saturday Gold Lotto (QLD), Saturday Tattslotto, Lotto

Draw Day: Saturday

Draw Time: 8.30pm AEST

Game Rules: 6/45 + 2

Jackpot: $4 Million

Record Jackpot: $33 Million (Saturday Lotto Megadraw 2006)

Jackpot Odds: 1:8,145,060

Prize Divisions: 6



Australia's Biggest Wins


The biggest Australian jackpot of all time is for the Oz Lotto draw of November 6th, 2012 where four winners shared a jackpot worth $111,972,151.04.

Prior to that the Oz Lotto record jackpot was $106 million, won in 2009 and split by two winners.

The highest single-winner jackpot, meanwhile, was an Australian Powerball Lotto jackpot worth $40 million claimed by a thirty-something man from Brisbane who opted to stay anonymous.

While the odds of hitting the Saturday Lotto are over eight million to one, back in 2009 a staggering 27 people managed to guess the same numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 23, Supplementary Numbers 26 and 41) and had to share in the winnings (Draw #2965 Saturday December 19, 2009).







Australia's Multiple Jackpot Winners


The odds of winning the lottery once may seem borderline insurmountable, yet, for a few lucky Aussies, that wasn't enough and so they ended up winning twice!

In February 2015 news emerged of a syndicate of friends who managed to win two separate division one prizes worth $866,108 taking their combined winnings to over $1.7 million, or $157,474 when split between each of the 11 syndicate members.

Not a bad result, especially when considering that the second tickets were actually bought by accident – the syndicate manager had actually intended to buy tickets for two separate draws.

There were three such incidents in 2013, with one man from Brisbane and two people from Melbourne managing to defy odds by winning the Saturday Lotto twice. The Brisbane man played his regular numbers after buying a ticket but then forgot whether or not he'd done so and therefore went back to play again. The result was two lots $820,000 – worth $1.64 million in total!

A woman from Melbourne managed to win two Saturday Lotto jackpots back to back to earn herself a total of $835,149.68. When informed of the second win by officials the woman claimed to have asked whether it was a hoax.

In April 2013 a story made headlines of a man from Melbourne who won the Lotto twice in the space of six weeks. The first win allowed him to help pay off the mortgage, the second half he earmarked for house renovations – all in all the man won $1.2 million.

In 2011 a syndicate of co-workers also won the lotto twice, in the space of just ten weeks. Whereas in 2008, another Victoria man, who wished to remain anonymous, made managed to achieve the impossible winning the Lotto three times in a row!

Finally, we come to a heart-warming story about a down-on-his-luck man who had what has to be the most remarkable reversal of fortunes in Australian lottery history.



Australia's Most Popular Lotteries


Australian lotteries?:




























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Latest Cash3 Draw: 7337

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Oz Lotto Results,

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Jackpt: ~ $2,000,000

PowerBall Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 1177

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Jackpt: ~ $20,000,000

Saturday Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 3901

Date: Dec 08, 2018

Jackpt: ~ $4,000,000

Super66 Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 3901

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Jackpt: ~ $

Pools Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 1717

Date: Jun 25, 2018

Jackpt: ~ $60,000

Monday Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 3824

Date: Dec 10, 2018

Jackpt: ~ $1,000,000

Wednesday Lotto Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 3823

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Jackpt: ~ $1,000,000

Set for Life Results,

Latest Lotto Draw: 1222

Date: Dec 10, 2018

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Did you play Oz Lotto today?

Saturday Tattslotto

  • Saturday Tattslotto numbers are drawn from a machine containing 45 balls numbered from 1 to 45 inclusive. For a standard game, you choose 6 numbers from this range.
  • In total, 8 balls are drawn of which the first 6 are the winning numbers. The last 2 balls are the supplementary numbers. These supplementary balls are used to determine prizes in Divisions 2, 5 & 6.
  • The chance of winning a Division One prize in Saturday Lotto is 1 in 8,145,060
  • Every week, TattsLotto's Saturday Lotto gives you the chance to win your share in their $4 million Division 1 prize pool. There's also Superdraws of up to (and sometimes over) $20 million regularly offered throughout the year.
  • Over Christmas and the New Year, keep your eye out for the special Saturday Lotto Megadraw from TattsLotto where you have a chance to win a share in $30 million or more.

Saturday TattsLotto

  • Australia’s Saturday Lotto is played across the nation but even though it is played by all states, it has several different names, Gold Lotto in Queensland, Tattslotto in Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) the Northern Territory while it is known as Saturday Lotto in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia.
  • Running for almost forty years, the first draw took place in front of a live television audience in June 1972 and has continued on every Saturday night since. . It is a traditional jackpot style draw game and is drawn every Saturday night.
  • Like Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Saturday version also uses the 6/45 matrix with players selecting 6 numbers from a possible 45 with two supplementary numbers also in play after the main draw.

About Saturday Tattslotto

  • Saturday Lotto is a widely popular Aussie game of chance featuring impressive win rates and jackpot size. It provides 6 cash prize categories along with the grand jackpot which are all tax free. Decided to try your luck in Australian online lottery, then why not choose Saturday Lotto. And who knows, maybe it's your number-one chance to become the lucky jackpot winner! Take a chance to become a millionaire, play and keep up with the latest Saturday Lotto results no to miss your life-changing opportunity.
  • How can you check Saturday Lotto results? There are several ways to check Saturday Lotto results and Australian lotto results. Surely you may go to the nearest lottery retail outlet to check Saturday Lotto results. But what should you do if you are pressed for time or played from abroad, for instance? It's hardly arguable that getting info updates via the web is the fastest and the easiest way to do that. Keep up with the latest Saturday Lotto results online! It is very convenient for those having no time or desire to watch the draw TV broadcasts or contact retailers to find out latest Saturday Lotto results.
  • Offering six prize categories, Australian Saturday Lotto is a popular game of chance where the 6 main numbers and 2 supplementary ones are drawn randomly every Saturday from a barrel of 1 to 45 (the same goes about its mid-week counterparts, Monday and Wednesday Lotto). Check off the right 6 winning Saturday Lotto numbers to win the main prize and make sure the entry is made by 7.30 pm AEST (or 8.30 pm - Daylight Saving). Apart from the main lottery numbers, there are two extra numbers giving a chance to win the cash prizes of the 2nd, 5th and 6th divisions matching 1 or 2 of them.
  • Australian Saturday Lotto average winning odds for the set $4 mln jackpot are 1:31. Apart from the impressive win rates all prizes are tax exempt!
  • Remember that your winning chances are determined by the total count of games you are going to play on your ticket. Hence the win rates for the 1st division prize for a single standard game entry will be 1 in 8,145,060; 1 in 678,755 for 12 games and 1 in 581,790 for 14 games. The ticket price will grow progressively with the higher number of games chosen.
  • No matter whether you are a first-timer playing for fun or a lotto pro being really into the game, you will have to decide on your strategy. This may concern the way you fill in your ticket or online lottery entries and the number of games you play to increase chances to win the grand and the secondary cash prizes.
  • Some players, especially the beginners, may find themselves at a loss choosing their ticket or online lottery numbers from the 1-45 barrel. Use the offered QuickPick option to get Saturday Lotto numbers randomly generated for you by the machine. The option ranges from 4 games (Regular QuickPick) to 50 (Maxi QuickPick). Marking Coupon allows you to choose your favourite and special Saturday Lotto numbers for the entry. Thus you may play from 4 to 18 panels. Doubt you chances to win using standard game-play, then you can make use of the System Entry option. Simply speaking it offers more numbers to play in every entry, which obviously positively affects the win rates for multiple prize divisions. It could be a really good choice for Australian online lottery fans playing in groups. Still you can opt for the ever more promising feature - a Pick Entry. It guarantees 1 or 2 winning numbers in this way giving more chances to win. It can be played both as a marked or a “quick picked” ticket. To play extra randomly generated standard games on the marked coupon use the so-called Top Up feature.
  • Multi-Week and Advanced Entries are another interesting game features.
  • If you are going to be away on holidays or out of town (with no access to the web) and you would like not to miss the upcoming online lottery draw then use Multi-week entry option. It enables you to play the same Saturday Lotto numbers for 2-10 weeks at once. Got feeling for some upcoming draw, then the Advanced entry is just what you need. Such entries are available over the period of up to 10 weeks prior to any draw date. It is really helpful to avoid the rush and also can be done online, which is also a handy tool to check Saturday Lotto results.

Saturday Tattslotto Superdraw

  • Saturday Lotto About 7 times a year, the Australian online lottery fans have a chance to take part in the special Saturday Lotto superdraw with a staggering starting jackpots ranging from $20 mln to $30 mln Australian dollars. Saturday Lotto superdraw prize keeps growing after each roll is over. Let's take for instance the Saturday Lotto superdraw carried out on 1 November 2014. Interestingly enough, that was not the mind boggling sum of the jackpot prize reaching AUD21 mln, but rather 14 lucky winners that distinguished that Saturday Lotto superdraw from the other ones! After the jackpot was split, each lucky ticket cashed AUD1,5 mln tax-free!